Bennetto Chocolates

Bennetto Natural Foods traces its origins back to Lucy Bennetto, a former high school English and Drama teacher with a fondness for chocolate. In 2010, Lucy embarked on her chocolate-making journey, starting with homemade chocolate bars crafted on her kitchen bench top. Armed with a spice grinder, organic cocoa beans, and a group of eager students as taste testers, Lucy began experimenting with chocolate-making.

Driven by a desire to understand the origins of cacao beans, Lucy ventured to the Dominican Republic, where she witnessed firsthand the importance of ethical sourcing from organic and Fairtrade cocoa suppliers. This experience reinforced her commitment to creating chocolate aligned with her values, one that not only improved lives but also enhanced the quality and flavor of cocoa.

For thirteen years, Lucy has remained true to her founding principles, crafting chocolate that prioritizes taste, ethical sourcing, and quality. While the test kitchen still resides in Christchurch, where it all began in a converted garage, the production has expanded to Switzerland's leading sustainable chocolate manufacturer. This move allows for sustainable and organic scaling while ensuring Bennetto chocolate continues to be enjoyed by conscious consumers across Australia and New Zealand.

Lucy's dedication to health, organic food, and environmental preservation remains unwavering. She views the Bennetto brand as a platform for driving social and environmental impact, furthering her mission to promote wellness and protect nature.