ORA Aromatherapy

O.R.A is a local Gisborne business dedicated to crafting handcrafted therapeutic aromatherapy wellness and skincare products aimed at enhancing well-being naturally for the body, mind, and spirit. Their mission is to transform simplistic ordinary routines of everyday life into meaningful rituals.

Committed to purity and ethical practices, they pride themselves on being 100% natural and cruelty-free, ensuring that absolutely nothing harmful goes into their products. O.R.A's items are handmade in small batches with care and passion, utilizing therapeutic essential oils and organic botanicals, all packaged sustainably with eco-friendly materials.

Throughout their journey, the brand has evolved to emphasize the significance of simple rituals that individuals can incorporate into their daily lives, elevating them to a higher spiritual realm. O.R.A, which stands for Ordinary Rituals Aromatherapy, perfectly encapsulates their ethos of infusing aromatherapy into the ordinary yet special rituals of everyday life, thereby enhancing one's existence and creating enduring memories.

Inspired by the wisdom shared by Sara and Rich Combs in their book 'At Home in Joshua Tree,' O.R.A encourages individuals to slow down and savor the simple pleasures of life. From brewing a morning cup of coffee to enjoying a conversation with loved ones, these seemingly mundane moments become precious when approached mindfully, connecting us to the small wonders of nature throughout the day.

In essence, O.R.A serves as a gentle reminder to appreciate and cherish the beauty found in the ordinary, urging individuals to embrace the present moment and find joy in life's simple rituals.