Shirl & Moss Chocolate

Shirl and Moss Chocolate is an award-winning brand known for its carefully handcrafted chocolate, from bean to bar. The name pays tribute to the founders' grandparents, Shirley and Maurice, who embody the caring values that guide the business. Family holds a significant place in the heart of Shirl and Moss, shaping their principles and approach to their craft. The founders, Aimee and her sister, share a deep-seated passion for sustainable foods, rooted in their upbringing on a remote farm in the Marlborough Sounds.

Community and family are central to the ethos of Shirl and Moss. They prioritize relationships with cacao farms and farmers who share their values of respecting the land and its inhabitants. By selecting cacao farms that prioritize sustainability and ethical practices, they ensure the highest quality ingredients for their chocolate.

Shirl and Moss are committed to sustainability at every stage of their process. They opt for sustainable packaging, minimal processing, and only the finest raw ingredients. Crafting their chocolate from bean to bar allows them to make conscious choices that prioritize both flavor and environmental responsibility. Their dedication to the sustainable chocolate movement is a source of pride for the brand.