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Blackberry, Raspberry + Elderflower Soda

Blackberry, Raspberry + Elderflower Soda

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This refreshing soda is sure to please any tastebuds - a delightful flavour that will be loved by both young and old. We promise this one's going to be a staple in the household fridge every day, anytime of the year; and not just for Sundays.

With a wonderful balance of sweet, but slightly tart, New Zealand-grown raspberries and blackberries as well as delicate floral notes of elderflower, you will be transported back to summers spent lounging by the pool or at the beach. Our New Zealand-made beverage has the added bonus of being low sugar and low calorie – 30 calories per can to be exact!

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Sugar, Natural Fruit Extracts [Blackberry (0.5%) Raspberry (0.3%)], Acidity Regular (Citric Acid), Natural Flavours, Ginseng Extract (0.06%), Natural Colour (Black Carrot juice concentrate), Elderflower Extract (0.01%)

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