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Collagen + Prebiotic Soda - Passion Peach

Collagen + Prebiotic Soda - Passion Peach

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Passion Peach is a deliciously refreshing sparkling soda, infused with 5g of VERISOL® collagen peptides, prebiotics + vitamin C. It has been designed with high efficacy ingredients to unlock glowing skin, hair, nails and a healthy gut.

Ingredients: Sparkling water, peach juice (10%), apple juice, passionfruit juice (5%), VERISOL® collagen peptides (2%), prebiotic dietary fibre (Fibersol-2 (2%)), natural flavour, vitamin (Vitamin C (0.05%)), citric acid. Juice from concentrate.

  • Low sugar
  • Contains the recommended daily intake of 5g VERISOL® collagen per serve
  • 5g of plant based gut-loving prebiotics per serve to help keep you regular 
  • Scientifically backed, premium low molecular weight type I & III hydrolysed heat-stable collagen for higher absorption. 
  • Over 200% of your RDI of vitamin C per serve to support collagen synthesis   
  • All-natural, free of gluten, dairy, soy or preservatives


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